created for Weebeastie
art direction | design

While working with the creative WeeBeastie team I had the fun opportunity to create several concepts for "TLC Tips", quick learning based spots offering help with all sorts of life's little tasks. Linking up with Ikea, this spot provides viewers with tips on how to decorate and enhance your living room for less, using Ikea’s affordable solutions. Taking cues from Ikea's Hemnes Furniture line for a textural palette, I created abstract pieces which shift back and forth to form architectonic shapes illustrating the option of modular mix and match.

Lindblad_TLC_Ikea_Arch_01 Lindblad_TLC_Ikea_Arch_02 Lindblad_TLC_Ikea_Arch_03 Lindblad_TLC_Ikea_Arch_04 Lindblad_TLC_Ikea_Arch_05 Lindblad_TLC_Ikea_Arch_06