Skinny Cow

created fo JWT NY
art direction | illustration | logos

JWT NY offered me the exciting opportunity to contribute to the packaging redesign project of the witty and sassy brand, Skinny Cow. A delicious indulgence with a loyal following of older diet minded women, the brand plays on wholesome ingredient and quality cues voiced in a personal, feminine, conversational tone. The redesign hoped to bring a cool hip element to the brand and gain awareness among younger, health-minded consumers while keeping the older core audience.

I was asked to explore the redesign of the Skinny Cow logo and the Cow. The key concept was to establish an iconic badge brand in a fresh manner highlighting the genuine, clever attitude of the brand personality. Low-fat, low-cal and delicious, Skinny Cow is the embodiment of a premium quality product, but inspires the look and feel of a small company.

A creamy neutral palette seemed in order, light and scrumptious, to portray several whimsical concepts for the Cow character. Long skinny legs and fresh, amusing expressions for the cute bovine faces reflect the playful paradox of the name.