Shell World

created for StardustNY
art direction | illustration | design

While working with Stardust NY I had the opportunity to work on a challenging pitch exploring Shell's World of Research. Several different scripts traveled through the imaginary Shell World, each spot highlighting a specific innovative fuel technology which addresses the world’s CO2 problems.

I imagined a whimsical surreal world inhabited by fantastical machines and an oil rig powered by solar panel flowers and flying windmills. Created with the help of talented 3d artist Cary Janks, these quirky machines capture dangerous CO2 cloud gasses in our atmosphere, convert them into working roads, and cultivate algae farms as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Lindblad_ShellWorld_01 Lindblad_ShellWorld_02 Lindblad_ShellWorld_03 Lindblad_ShellWorld_04 Lindblad_ShellWorld_05 Lindblad_ShellWorld_06 Lindblad_ShellWorld_07 Lindblad_ShellWorld_08