created for DCode

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with creative director Tom Barnham and DCode to create a slick branding pitch for the LG Ghost, positioning the phone as an elusive ghostly device. Eerie, sexy and stylishly intriguing, this approach to the brand reinforces a status of mysterious exclusivity, an accoutrement for the mystical elite. Intelligent and aloof, the campaign targets an audience that fancies themselves dangerous, nocturnal cultural connoisseurs. Slick photography and ghostly visual effects appear and disappear, mysteriously echoing the hidden LCD screen and touch sensitive keypad of the GHOST.

Lindblad_LG_Ghost_05 Lindblad_LG_Ghost_02Lindblad_LG_Ghost_04 Lindblad_LG_Ghost_03Lindblad_LG_Ghost_01