created for We Are Plus
art direction | design

I designed segments of a brand film for the Skin Smoothing Laser by Iluminage with Judy Welfare, the creative director of Plus and animator Yong Ho Cho. Intended for personal use, the laser helps the skin repair itself by delivering pulses of laser light below the surface of the skin. I created a series of shimmering blue flares to outline the silhouette of the laser as it was introduced, in addition to an animated sequence illustrating the pulsating action of the laser beam itself. The concept focused on the shimmering blue light of the laser radiating outward from center creating glints and scintillations as the beam pulses onto the skin, treating wrinkles.

I also created a family of icons to introduce the Iluminage brand, used for packaging and digital applications.

Iluminage_Frames Lindblad_Iluminage_Icons