History Channel
Wrath of God

created for UVPHactory
matte painting | design

This was quite an educational project working with UVPHactory to create hi-res matte paintings animated for History Channel's 1 hour special, "Wrath of God".

Based on the legendary volcanic eruption of Santorini and the Ten Plagues of Egypt, I created hi-resolution layered files prepped for animation. This set shows the series I developed for the Plague of Blood according to the Book of Exodus. According to the biblical tale God turned the water of the Nile River to blood and all the fish died. Seriously somber material, but a lot of fun to have the opportunity to really push into photoshop's potential using various brushes to paint majestic cloud skies, smoky effects and watery reflections.

Lindblad_WrathGod_01 Lindblad_WrathGod_02 Lindblad_WrathGod_03 Lindblad_WrathGod_04