Gaia Codex

created for Sarah Drew
art direction | illustration | design

Abedovia Art Direction and Design had the exquisite opportunity this summer to collaborate with author Sarah Drew to create the book cover for her novel Gaia Codex. An epic timeless story, Gaia Codex reveals a mythic recasting of the history of the Divine Feminine, exploring themes of biogenetics and environmental crises in the wake of societal collapse. Eloquent poetry and deft storytelling connect ancient memories, inner knowing, and a deep love of nature with contemporary insight for awakening the global collective consciousness.

The process of bringing the cover of the book to life was a wonderful journey with the author, whose shimmering prose and illuminating descriptions bring elaborate imagery to the mind's eye. Inspired by the concept of a "found" manuscript of ancient wisdom teachings, a richly textured antiquated tome was created. A soft embossed leather texture was designed, intended to wrap an illuminated manuscript inscribed with epic stories of priestesses, caretakers and guardians of Terra Gaia, all written in the script of an elegant flowing hand.

Golden ornament weaves along the raised leather of the cover, providing hints of the brilliant world within which is just beginning to emerge behind the soft folded upturned corner. Vermillion passion flowers and hanging heliconia shimmer like jewels while luminous orchids of a deep magenta hue cascade through emerald vines encircling a moonlit azure waterfall seen far in the distance. The mystical radiant world inside the book beckons one within.

Please check out the Gaia Codex website

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