Ford Fiesta
Ready Pa’Tu Mundo

created for The Mill NY
art direction | illustration | design

When the talented team at The Mill NY asked me to work with them to create designs and illustrations for Ford Fiesta's new campaign I knew it would be a fun collaborative effort combining diverse techniques.

The Ready Pa'Tu Mundo campaign targeted confident young Hispanics, technologically savvy, bilingual, first time car buyers. Each spot focused on a particular personality, who relates his or her own world to one of the Fiesta’s features and its accompanying message. The concept of a halo was created to represent the unique "worlds" that constantly revolve around the heads of the characters, expanding and contracting with personality elements, social media references and symbols of the Fiesta's qualities.

This particular spot centered around Ellie, a musician and song writer, so the illustrated elements I created were inspired by both Mexican folk art and Ellie's original songs. Working with Zubi Advertising and The Mill NY creative director Jeff Stevens, I designed the halo and also produced several print pieces to accompany the campaign. Thanks much to the talents of The Mill NY 3D artists led by Kevin Ives and compositor Marco Giampaolo who brought the collaged halo to life.

You can check out the video here.

Lindblad_FF_Halo_Ellie Lindblad_FF__Ellie_Zoom Lindblad_FF__Ellie_Dwgs