CCTV Nairobi

created for Jack Morton NY
art direction | illustration | design

When Jack Morton NY designed offices for the CCTV operations launch in Nairobi, Kenya, I was asked to design an overall visual look for the environmental graphics. Collaborating with set designer Joe Lamberta, I created a signature three dimensional graphic wall which greeted all visitors upon entry, several prints which were hung on office walls, and a textile pattern which was printed on woven fabric and covered several walls throughout the office spaces.

To design the look I drew inspiration from the warm golden brown textural palette of the region and the wonderful handcrafted age-old tradition of African basket weaving. Intrigued by the elaborate pattern motifs passed down through generations, I researched many patterns and became particularly intrigued by the triangular patterns found among the Zulu for both the historical significance and potential to be revitalized with a contemporary look. Adapting the woven techniques I observed on the beautiful baskets, I created several patterns for the wall graphics and glass walls enclosing the conference room. For a news production center, I thought the offices radiated a hospitable aura of regional authenticity and materiality.