Abedovia Art Direction & Design is a creative studio founded in 2004 by art director Dustin Lindblad. Creative projects over the years have transcended various mediums: film, television, websites, textiles, books, cd/vinyl art, posters, performance installations and environmental designs. Fascinated by the art of movement and possessed with a passion for making things, Dustin enjoys work as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator. She is interested in all types of design projects, especially those which combine critical thinking with moving imagery and the challenge to artistically execute ideas across different media. Integrating a diverse background of traditional visual arts, architectural design and animation, her goal is to bring ideas to life through striking visual representations. Above all, Dustin is inspired by story and concept, and just loves to create.

Abedovia Art & Illustration specializes in creating beautiful artwork for commissioned assignments and usage-based reproduction rights. Dustin’s vibrant illustrations are characterized by a high level of detail, organic elements, rich texture and ornament. Inspired by the wonder and curiosity found in nature, her distinctive visual language takes cues from the elegant contours and delicate patterns found on flowers, leaves, shells, feathers, and organic geometries. Dustin’s images bring to life a uniquely imagined world, magical and mysterious, often inspired by environmental concerns and mythological overtones.  Striving to create beauty, both light and dark, each illustration focuses on a wonderful moment appearing within this fantastical imaginary landscape.


Abedovia has enjoyed collaborations with independent filmmakers, artists, writers, and musicians, in addition to highly talented members of the New York advertising world and motion design industry. Design challenges are celebrated each and every day, providing new experiences to learn and the opportunity to contribute. Dustin lives in New York, but works with clients in many parts of the United States and Europe.


Specialties: Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic and Motion Design