In addition to my commercial work, I create vibrant illustrations characterized by a high level of detail, organic elements, rich texture and ornament. My images bring to life a uniquely imagined world, magical and charmingly mysterious, often inspired by environmental concerns and mythological overtones.

My stylized illustrations are populated by extraordinary creatures, characters, exotic plants, ornate borders and beautiful textures. Using an eclectic mix of my drawings, paintings, and occasionally collage, I strive to create a signature aesthetic of beauty, both light and dark. Each illustration focuses on a wonderful moment appearing within this fantastical imaginary landscape.

Fascinated by the wonder and curiosity found in nature, my distinctive visual language takes cues from the elegant contours and delicate patterns found on flowers, leaves, shells, feathers, and organic geometries. I love Art Nouveau and Magic Realism, and seek to present these influences with a contemporary twist. I have been incredibly fortunate to travel and live in many beautiful places which has encouraged both illumination and inspiration.


My signature collection will launch spring of 2017. I look forward to sharing my creations with a variety of gift, stationery and home decor products designed to lift the spirit and help people connect in meaningful ways.

I am happy to share some details of my process below.


Please remember all images are copyrighted Dustin Lindblad 2016 and cannot be copied or shared without permission
Thank you so much!